PainfullyGood is now looking for contributors! Until now, PainfullyGood has been a collection of one person’s bittersweet moments. As happy as I am to have an outlet to share what I think is beautiful and great, I believe this blog can reach a much wider and richer audience if we had more voices to represent PG. See here for details.
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PainfullyGood is now on Twitter! Follow us and we’ll follow back.
Switched over my theme to Grid Focus by Derek Punsalan. I like it a lot — still have some tweaks and info organization to do. Brainstorming how to make this site more useful to people. If you enjoyed my PG List, please consider adding to the list by leaving a comment, or emailing info@painfullygood.com or subscribing to the feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.
Big shopping day here in SF; get in the holiday spirit and shop or be trampled to death. Newest update: trying to figure out how to customize the CSS on this site. Also, how do I get to new pages that I create, i.e. this Update page? Help.

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