They have a passion for all materials, from metals to leather and all types of oddities. They love the juxtaposition of hard and soft, the dark side and the sweet side and knowing that you don’t always have to be good.

Just love this bio ditty on designers Katie Maguire and Michael Miller of the K/LLER Collection I just saw on Need Supply.

There’s a lot of pressure to be perfect in this world, especially for people who want to be creative. Perfectly creative. How impossible does THAT sound?? This article by Austin Kleon shared by a friend who NEEDS TO GET HER OWN BLOG ALREADY is a list of 10 things he wishes someone told him in college. It illustrates tips on how to be easy on yourself, and find multiple, forgiving ways to express yourself and make friends.

How To Steal
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It’s quick and painless and you’ll walk away feeling 10 lbs lighter, I promise. I’m going to go start writing my own book now. kthnxbye.

I downloaded Ommwriter as a desktop app to create a clean space to write freely, with lovely ambient sounds like raindrops and harmonics to soothe your inner creative. Now they’ve created a community around the app, The Ommwriters, and started a brilliant “crusade” to save the atrociously written (and designed) flyers on the streets. Read on to see Before and After examples, and find steps you can take to join the cause!

They have more beautiful projects like “Seeds“, a visual inspiration for writing prompts, or if you want, send an email to their “Action” project and they’ll write for you!! Brilliant.