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These dov* stools and tables by Reddish Studios in Sitryia, Israel are my new design favorite.  

Aluminum is cast around a block of polystyrene, an inexpensive, durable, but unfortunately, not biodegradable thermoplastic, to help expose the textured interior as well as the smoothed exterior.   The finishes on the exterior and interior create a beautiful contrast, making these stools and tables a great accent to any contemporary or traditional style home. These would make for exceptional corner tables or bed stands.  A pair would even work great together as entrance hallway tables.

To. Die. For. I am officially obsessed.  


Although she chooses to sharpen her nails on the living room couch on occasion…



… she brings me a sense of familiarity and irreplaceable warmth when the rest of my world seems to be a calamitous state of disarray…

I absolutely love all things green (alligators, avocados, my newly painted green closet with matching green drapes… it might be only slightly absurdly green- who’s judging?).  But unfortunately, while some people have a green thumb, mine a sort of sorry shade of fungus yellow. The last two plants put in my hands looked a little like E.T. near the end so you can imagine my delight when I came across the work of Masachusettes native artist, Paula Hayes, and her collection of blown-glass terraniums.   My apparently destructive  butterfingers couldn’t get to this plant even if I tried.  More importantly, can you appreciate the beautifully symbiotic relationship that she has created between the plants and their containers? To be able to contain nature in a capsule is a way of keeping a bit of fleeting nature at home. These unconventional installations make me swoon and its no wonder that word on the street is they go for a couple thousand…





There are plenty more great pictures one her site… be sure to take a peek at her other work… Enjoy!

Hi. I’m H, the newest contributing member of the painfullygood family and might I add, mrrrrrrp’s buddy from the lackadaisical days of college. 

Where to begin?  I grew up California.  I love this place and it will always be home. A habitual bergamot tea drinker and proud member of the anti-morning committee.  I melt for all things Scandinavian which includes Stig Lindberg as well as cream cheese pastries. I love vintage wallpapers and cannot wait to own something that I can cover from floor to ceiling. If I worked at a magazine, my dream job would be creative director in the editorial section. Ongoing obsession?  Francois Halard’s interiors.  

I hope to bring a bit of information, provide a source of aesthetic experience, and be, at least, mildly entertaining.  I hope you enjoy my musings on design, architecture, fashion, books, and of course, food…