Until now, PainfullyGood has been a personal collection of one singular person’s bittersweet moments. As happy as I am to have an outlet to share my opinion, I’m much more interested in hearing what inspires YOU. We believe this blog can move a much wider and richer audience if we represent more voices here on PG. We want PG to be The Place to seek inspiration.

Thus, we’re looking for regular contributors to hop on the wagon. Post whenever and whatever you’d like, so long as it fits the “painfully good” nature. The subject matter is wide open and can range from short movies to current events, from design to photographs. Show us what speaks to you!


  • Passionate about the little things in life and love to share them with others
  • Reliable, and able to contribute regularly (approx 2x/wk)
  • From anywhere in the world! (We are based in San Francisco, but would like worldwide coverage)
  • Willing to work as a team to meet deadlines and goals on a volunteer basis


  • Blog saavy (basic knowledge of WordPress CMS, love blogging and sharing)
  • Have a specific area of passion/interest
  • Have previous editorial experience ( i.e. blog, interviews)


  • Be a part of a passionate team
  • Gain editorial experience and exposure
  • Have control and influence over your content, and the organization

How to apply:
PainfullyGood is a public blog, but to be an official contributor you must have an invitation. Please email info@painfullygood.com with the following information:

  1. Short description about yourself,
  2. Link to your own blog if applicable,
  3. Answer: What is your definition of the phrase “painfully good”?

You’ll hear back from us within 2 days. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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