Welcome Kelly~!


Welcome Kelly to the blog! I can’t believe I’m posting her intro AFTER she made her first post! She’s good.

She and I worked on the same Marketing team back in college, and just touched base again over Painfully Good. Washington, DC is where you’ll find her now, following her dreams of reporting and producing. How cool is that!

She’s fallen in love with food and if she’d ever get a tattoo, she’d most likely get ink of leafy kale and a ripe avocado. I’m drooling forward to seeing some more fresh food post here on PG, aren’t you?

What does “painfully good” mean to her? I leave you with her wonderful answer:

“For me, it’s about that knot that forms in your stomach when you’re scared shitless, but you’re on the verge of something big. You tell yourself — lie, almost — that it’ll be worth it, that you’re doing the right thing. I love hearing people recall their “jump off the cliff” moments.”


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