The Ones Who Got Away

A collection of personal photos coupled with stories that grip you by that one heartstring we all know, or deeply want to know. Pure lust.

“Krasivaya: “pretty” in Russian. It was never hard to take a good photo of Lidia during our four years together — she smiled often, and she loved the camera. It was much harder to acknowledge that we were on different paths. But I wouldn’t change a thing; we both grew into beautiful beings.”

This photo documents the happiest I’ve ever been, but it’s been two years now since we decided to see if we could be happier with other people. That’s the thing about happiness; you never can tell when you’ve reached a peak. You can only compare where you are to where you’ve been. Now all I can think about is two years ago, when I began my descent, and let her float up, away, and out of my life.”

Take a quiet hour and see the rest here.

  1. H said:

    your friend is stunning. the lighting in that photo is really nice.

    i’m lovin this new layout, milan! 🙂

  2. Milan said:

    I’m glad you like it! I dig it too. Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. And that’s not someone I k now, I guess I should clarify that it’s *someone else’s* personal collection . 🙂 Hope you’re doin’ well!

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