Hello from the SideCarr

Vickie teaching

Teaching computers to 3rd graders

Let me introduce myself…I am one of the new contributors to PG thanks to mrrrrrp’s openness and generosity. I appreciate the add!

I am a transplanted Midwesterner, but have lived in Northern California a long time. I grew up in a family of artists and designers, and while I don’t earn my living that way, I do have an informed appreciation for art, music and design. For about 6 years I earned my living as a commercial DJ…during the early 80’s. Our radio station (long since defunct)  was the first in the area to play “laser music from the compact disk!”

These days I earn my daily bread by teaching elementary school kids how to use computers.  I also do a bit of web-design, edit literature reviews, and coach reluctant technology users through their fears and into greater productivity with their computers.

I hope to add some food related posts to PG.  I also will share my enthusiastic reviews of any Painfully Good art, performance, or music I encounter.

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  1. mphoenix said:

    Hey Vix, good post. I could have used a literature review editor when I was writing for my master’s 🙂

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