A Short Get-Away

I am back from a refreshing weekend in Tahoe that looked like this:

Snowboarding all day, break for a BBQ lunch overlooking the bright lake. Holing up in a cozy inn with the heater on full blast, with no obligation than to wait for the next day. Defrosting the car in the morning. Eating breakfast on-the-go: Peach Yoplait, coffee, bagel with cream cheese. A mountainous drive around the magnificent lake. Arriving. Easy riding on a perfectly sunny day. Losing my iPhone at the top of the mountain from falling off the path, but miraculously find it at the end of the day at the bottom of the lift. Deep thanks to good samaritans. No traffic, a stop at my parents on the way home, a homemade meal during a movie. Bringing home a desk chair that’s been in my family for as long as I can remember. Drinking a Blue Moon before bed.

And now, feeling so sore that I can’t even take off my own sweater without assistance. Ahh… the glory.

He’s floating! Tahoe Blue in the background, taken not 3 minutes before the iPhone drops out of my pocket, and my fear insues.


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