Revival by Marshmellow


I know. I’m sorry. I suck. As side projects will, this fell off for an indefinite period of time and if your recent visits have ended in disappointment I apologize for my lack of responsibility here. I hope that you can choose to forgive me and overlook the emptiness of the past few months.

To make up for it, I’m going to post every day this week as much as I can. Given that could mean anywhere between 5 posts a day to 5 posts total, I assure you that I make this top priority!

Are you ready for my first one? I found this video by Steve V. via A Cup of Jo and by the end of it I couldn’t decide what I wanted more: a kid or a marshmellow. You know what it’s like to be stuck between two really good choices and you can’t decide which is better? Kids really do do the darndest things.

1 comment
  1. so good! the way the kid at the end JUMPS at the sound of the door is great. He was the best. I felt a little bad for him though

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