Make Yourself Presentable

JSM: Make yourself presentable

I was just talking to my friend yesterday (with whom I have The Most Random Conversations with on a regular basis, like this) about how shitty public speaking is. Not even so much the actual speaking, but the part that leads UP to the speaking part. I’m sure you all can relate to the gut-wrenching, mind-battling, nerve-shocking anticipation of simply knowing that you, and you alone, are going to have to get up front and speak. Even if you are the master of your Speech, even if you’ve rehearsed, even if the audience is full of your own blood relatives. It just plain sucks.

I came across this article by Jason Santa Maria, one of today’s leading user experience slash web designers that I am aware of, about giving stellar presentations. I’ve read presentations tips like it’s nobody’s business. People like Chris Brogan, Seth Godin, even conferences like TED and GEL don’t match the simplistic elegance of Jason’s words. He has single handedly made me want to find a reason to give a presentation. And I don’t even have a job. Ok just kidding I do but I just wanted to drive home the point. I think he is actually a mind magician.

Follow Jason Santa Maria on Twitter or get him on your RSS feed because each of his blog posts are like individual websites, as he completely redesigns each post down to the CSS. He says

“Rather than allowing the content to flow from a content management system into the same page layout every time, I’ve created a system for fast design direction based on the needs of the content.”

Innovation is his middle name. Mind Innovation Magician.


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