The Little Zoo

Check out these ephemeral photos composed by Elizabeth Soule, taken with a Polaroid SX-70. I would love to have this in a little book, or several of these framed in shadow boxes so I may gaze at them when I want to be taken someplace from my living room. Soule matched the toy animals to their backgrounds so carefully that it evokes a real character for the petrified animal.

Which brings me to a thought about character and identity, and how you can better define something when you compare it to something else. Like how metaphors can paint such a distinct and colorful picture it’s better than explaining the dang thing with a dry directness. I wish I could come up with a metaphor for that. Like… um… how… you never really know until… uhh.. Ok. That’s hard.

Visit her etsy store for more Polaroid brilliance!


CHeck ou tthese


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