Look; Don’t Touch

I can’t remember the last time I wanted something this bad. Did you know that 349 euros is $460? Things that I’ve purchased for $460 was like, my first road bike (that got stolen) or my first bed (not that I’ve never slept on a bed, just never purchased one myself before). But a PURSE? I have a feeling I’ll be dreaming about this in my sleep for about a week. The style. The functionality. The bold versatility. *sigh* My mother would scold me til she regretted giving me life.


2UNFOLD Multi-use Leather Laptop Bag

349.00 (excl. tax & shipping)

This bag is something of a sartorial transformer, the 2UNFOLD offers eight different ways for you to sport it:

01 The Urban Briefcase
02 The Shoulder Bag
03 The Safe Case
04 The Rucksack
05 The Leather Courier
06 The Canvas Courier
07 The Leather Clutch
08 The Canvas Clutch

. fits up to a 17″ laptop vertically
. fits up to a 13″ laptop horizontally
. inside ca. 41cm x 32cm (16″ x 12.6″)
. hand-made in Italy
. premium Italian leather & canvas

  1. H said:

    I say indulge, indulge… I’ve spent $290 on a bag and even though I frequently think about selling it to buy groceries, I love it to pieces and more.

    I’m a horrible influence- …GIVE IN!

    • painfullygood said:

      ohmygsh you’re a wonderfully terrible influence! I’ve almost convinced myself that it will improve my daily life, and cut down my morning getting-ready time by 3 minutes. hm hm hm hm

  2. painfullygood said:

    I should have gotten the darn bag — now the brown leather is sold out and they’re selling this graphite leather. Not nearly as awesome… but still pretty FLY

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