Nature + Art = Interchangeable

I absolutely love all things green (alligators, avocados, my newly painted green closet with matching green drapes… it might be only slightly absurdly green- who’s judging?).  But unfortunately, while some people have a green thumb, mine a sort of sorry shade of fungus yellow. The last two plants put in my hands looked a little like E.T. near the end so you can imagine my delight when I came across the work of Masachusettes native artist, Paula Hayes, and her collection of blown-glass terraniums.   My apparently destructive  butterfingers couldn’t get to this plant even if I tried.  More importantly, can you appreciate the beautifully symbiotic relationship that she has created between the plants and their containers? To be able to contain nature in a capsule is a way of keeping a bit of fleeting nature at home. These unconventional installations make me swoon and its no wonder that word on the street is they go for a couple thousand…





There are plenty more great pictures one her site… be sure to take a peek at her other work… Enjoy!

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