Hi. I’m H, the newest contributing member of the painfullygood family and might I add, mrrrrrrp’s buddy from the lackadaisical days of college. 

Where to begin?  I grew up California.  I love this place and it will always be home. A habitual bergamot tea drinker and proud member of the anti-morning committee.  I melt for all things Scandinavian which includes Stig Lindberg as well as cream cheese pastries. I love vintage wallpapers and cannot wait to own something that I can cover from floor to ceiling. If I worked at a magazine, my dream job would be creative director in the editorial section. Ongoing obsession?  Francois Halard’s interiors.  

I hope to bring a bit of information, provide a source of aesthetic experience, and be, at least, mildly entertaining.  I hope you enjoy my musings on design, architecture, fashion, books, and of course, food…

1 comment
  1. painfullygood said:

    Awesome intro — stoked to hear your PGs on food especially!

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