A Rare Device, indeed

I am sitting here at my desk, completely drenched in my own saliva as I browse this local store find, A Rare Device. Someone please hand me a towel to wipe myself down?
Rare Device

The storefront is a place to promote designers, artists and artisans plus help them grow by taking on new projects and collaborations. Every object in the store has its own story, and has been chosen because it is either handmade, well-designed, useful, beautiful or all of the above. The aesthetic is modern and quirky while remaining warm and inviting – design that is accessible to all. Influences range from comic book art to entropy in nature, laser-etching to hand-lettering to nautical lore.

My mom has salt boxes like these and it makes cooking at home more like cooking on a cooking show where all the ingredients are readily available to you in the correct amounts and at arm’s length. I used to twist Micaaaa’s arm to assist me in measuring the ingredients and then force her to sit and watch me go through the procedure of How To Make Pancakes, because cooking on a cooking show is NO FUN WITHOUT AN AUDIENCE.

Salt Boxes

Self-explanatory business cards.

I’m always in search for the perfect journal. The size, the binding, the paper stock, the lines… this one marks the spot. And it has a neat format: each page is segmented into five days so that you’re only required to write in short excerpts. What an easy way to commit to writing regularly for five years — if you happen to continue for paragraphs, so be it! You can take a break for a few days until space clears up. I thought this would be sweet for newlyweds to do together as a sketch/scrapbook of their new lives together.

5 Year One-Line Diary

A beautiful necklace. Adding to my wishlist. In fact, I am adding all of these to my wishlist for next month when I actually have a budget.
Map Pendant Necklace

Rare Device Store Info
info@raredevice.net (general inquiries)

1845 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Winter Hours: Tue – Sat, noon to 7pm; Sun, noon to 6pm

I wonder if I’ll ever want to open my own boutique like this someday. Looking at the ceramic pieces I definitely want to find a ceramics studio out here in Berkeley to find creative solace in. Does anyone know of any? Does anyone dream to have their own boutique like Rare Device, or other? If you have already, how do you go about starting the business, the buying, the gallery, the maintaining?


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