Look Around You, For Science!


I was a really good student in grade school. However, I failed to grasp the fascination of science and math. In my opinion, science and math is like music or art – certain people can apply. Others (like me) don’t have the skill/finesse/interest to “get” it. But if my science teacher popped in a VHS of “Look Around You” in which we’d examine the magnetism of sulphur, and that the largest number in the universe is 45,000,000,000, shoot, the education would have taken me down a different path. I probably wouldn’t have a job.

“Look Around You is a BBC television comedy series that satirise and pay homage to 1970’s and early 1980’s educational films and school programs. A different scientific subject is covered in each video, such as Germs, Maths, and Sulphur.”


Write this down: Look Around You airs randomly on Adult Swim (TV-PG) and Seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD. Be sure to test your new knowledge by taking quizzes on BBC’s Look Around You website. Check out my favorite subject examined: Music.


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