Contrail: Chalk Lines By Cyclists for Cylists

Having been raised in the best small town for bicycles, I have a particular fondness for this product. Contrail is an interestingly heuristic product by Pepin of Studio Gelardi in Brooklyn, New York.

“Contrail is a tool for developing bicycle communities. As you ride, contrail leaves a faint chalk line behind your bike. The goal is to encourage a new cycle of biking participation by allowing the biking community to leave a unique mark on the road and to reclaim this crucial shared space.

The old cycle: More cars on the road –> more percieved danger for bikers –> fewer bikers on road –> even more cars on the road.

The new cycle: A few bicyclists ride with contrail a couple times per week –> faint lines on the road inspire curiosity and remind bikers where it’s safe to ride –> new bikers are encouraged to ride and use contrail –> contrail lines get brighter as community grows.”


[edit 4.10.09]
My hometown, Davis, California, is now the new home of the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame! Read about it here.

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  1. micaaaa said:

    Cool! Definitely in Davis this would be a hit. How colorful the roads would be~

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