Songs To Wear Pants To

Andrew at started with an eBay-auctioned song requests, and has become a full blown exchange of requests and personalized short songs, by the people for the people. Andrew from Toronto is one of a kind.

Andrew records, produces and arranges practically every genre of music, from Celtic-Techno to Ska to Crunk, all accompanied by his own voice. The requests submitted by the public can be so random sometimes, ie. intimidated by the size of my burrito, please make me a song to clean the toilet to, help me tell this girl that I like her, or perhaps a song about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about frogs…One person requested a song to attach to her resume to impress her employers, one song was written for a teacher to be played at a school dance, another girl named Emmy wanted a theme song for herself.

The sweet PG moment hit me when I read that he keeps things G-rated, appropriate for all ages. That hes focused on pure entertainment that doesn’t offend shows that he’s very aware of his audience and really does do this for the people (even if he pokes fun at the request sometimes). The personalization, the range of styles, the format of MUSIC — how better to reach people’s hearts?

“May I please use your songs in the movie or other thing that I’m making?”
You may totally use my songs in your project if these conditions are met:

1. All your content is rated G – suitable for audiences of any age.
2. Your work is not used in any commercial way.
3. “SONGSTOWEARPANTSTO.COM” is credited for the music, with a hyperlink if your work is displayed online.
“How much money do you make?” Enough for food and shelter and sharing.

“So you’ll really write any kind of song at all?”
No, I’d rather not use swear words or hateful messages or mean things in general. But other than that, yeah, pretty much. It’s only a matter of time… until I’ve made every song ever…

What type of songs WON’T you make for free? I try to keep the free songs entertaining for everyone who visits the site, so I won’t make free personal theme songs, anniversary songs, birthday songs, film/animation scores and so on. These are the most common types of requests, and it wouldn’t be fair for some people to get them for free when others have to pay for them. Also, this website is my job, and doing just the paid ones keeps me busy enough.

“What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever received?” Look at me do you think I know what is weird and what is not.

{faq from ]

For a must-see sampling, watch him speak and play his songs in this video from Good Experience Live 07 (a conference I myself hope hope hope to attend). It will get you giggling in your seat at times and totally moved at other times… and plus, the way he says “about” is too cute!


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