An Ecological Getaway


Ahhh, the dream vacation. Some people like ordering room service in their four star hotels, some people like gambling the night away in glittering Vegas. Some people like to catch up on fixing up things around the house, and some want to learn everything there is to know about life on the natural reefs.

Today we feature The Turtleman’s House in Belize. This thatched gem has belonged to this marine biologist for the past twenty some years. He’s decorated the hut with trinkets and found objects washed up on the beach; your twin beds sit above the ocean and you sleep with fish swimming below. During the day the Turtleman will be your personal guide to paradisial knowledge, naming plants and animals and areas unique to this coastal haven. He can take you snorkeling in the coral reefs or you can play in the tidal pools near the cabana — your choice. I never even knew such peaceful places existed.. and when I stumbled upon these beautiful photos on Flickr, I immediately emailed my boyfriend and asked him to take me. He’s thinking about it. I hope.

Some people consider a vacation to revolve around the luxury of comfort, but you know, I already strive for that in my daily life. I go to great lengths to be comfortable on my way to work, at work, on my way home, and while at home. I change my outfit multiple times until it matches my mood of the day. And I know there are days that I manage to avoid holding a single face-to-face conversation. So maybe, just maybe, a vacation for me would to be do something excitingly uncomfortable with a buddy by my side, taking the road less traveled, as they say.

I was talking to my co-worker last night at happy hour about my mixed anxiety-desire to seriously travel alone, carrying only what I can fit on my back so that I can keep my arms open to welcome any and all adventure. He asked me why not? and I said mainly because I’d feel unsafe as a woman. Lame, I know. He’s done his share of traveling himself, a majority of that time spent in third world countries and he said that I’d be surprised to find how safe that world is compared to how American media portrays it. Sure we should keep our wits about us and that they have a ‘harder’ way of living but for the most part, people are kind and genuinely interested in your story, especially if you are alone. Something to chew on while I look at my three weeks of unspent paid time off!

Where would you go for a dream vacation?

[photos via permission of Jeremy: see the rest of his set on flickr, and visit his blog at]


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