Shinin’ “Star” by's STAR by Nabil Elderkin's STAR by Nabil Elderkin
Found this work of Nabil Elderkin through a friend of mine, Japheth Gonzalez.
I know I’ve been posting mostly videos on here lately and let me assure you that if I didn’t think it was worth six seconds of your time to plug in and put on your headphones followed by three minutes it takes to play the video, I wouldn’t post it on this site.

The stark black and white contrast is the first thing that caught my attention. Every frame could be a standalone photograph, IMO. From the opening where the spotlight slowly rode the rolling sea waves and the sudden the white of his outfit, I was caught. Er, hooked.

And then, the graphics. Being a sucker for motion graphics, I thought the beauty of throwing constellations so was original and well executed, creating some fanstasmical human-universe relationship. I loved the part where he danced a *snap* into the sky and sent a stream of stars over the dark sea. *sigh* The time lapse effect added a nice mesmerizing feel. I would argue that music videos are like mini-mini-movies (cause mini-movies are shorts) that have one-song soundtracks and have the potential to be packed with a flavor that no other art form can produce.

And lastly, the song itself still beats and echo into my head as I write this. It made my heart ache at the thought of my own boyfriend saying those words to me, knowing full well that he just isn’t the type. Oh COME ON, you know you all do that when you hear a good song too.

Dig more of photographer/director Nabil Elderkin’s work with artists like Common, Seal and John Legend here at his site.

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  1. thekevinchen said:

    I just came across this mv a short while ago myself and was surprised at how nice the video and song are. I completely agree with you about the contrast and the time lapse; they really make the video stand out! Keep up the great blog you have here 😀

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