Life is for Sharing

I recognize that by posting this I am totally supporting T-Mobile’s viral campaign, and that watching it probably won’t impact you as much as it did me, but I am sitting here at work with tears in my eyes, and even if these are hormonal tears of joy WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO.

I fully advocate these kinds of experiences because it is so human. Smiling, laughing and dancing are the three infectious ways that humans express their joy. How can you not have a happy reaction to people spontaneously dancing? See for yourself – if only I were there to witness…


On that same note, I’ve written about sharing life before. I’ve reposted it annually on an outdated Myspace blog and I am reposting it again here. It’s a script from a conversation I had with a friend in 2006 and although I can’t remember who said what or if even I was speaking at all, the ideas generated in the three minutes still seem poignant to me. And apparently I did not believe in capitalization.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
9: Excerpts from A Conversation

you are never inbetween, there is no happiness or sorrow, they are they same. when you are one, you are only it because you think you aren’t the other. when you are sad, you think you are sad because youre not happy. when youre happy, you rejoice because of the absence of sorrow. there is neither, theres only one. they are the same, they are both, they are love and hate, they are being completely alone in the world. realize, if you were completely alone in the world, nobody knew you or loved you, your existence or non existence will effect everyone else in the world and the entire universe for the rest of eternity. all the same forces that brought you here are all the same forces that brought me here, and those forces are us. i don’t know what that means but its completely true. i am a part of everyone in the world. and everyone in the world is a part of me, everyone that’s ever been born and died, everyone who will be born and die, they are all directly tied to me in such an intimate way. jesus. love is our way of understanding this.

love is all of these infinite and meaningful forces and reasons manifested into something tangible, something finite and nearly understandable to us. all of these things that tie us to everyone also tie us to one other. (or to any other) but specifically one, love is our way of acknowleging that force and being alright with it. and basking it its amazingness. you need another person to confirm it for you because its so vast and so amazing.


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