Stopping the Motion of Her Morning Elegance

I couldn’t take my eyes of this charming stop motion video that my little sister Mica showed me [currently available for free dl at the iTunes store]. I’m a big fan of stop motion work in general, and of course some are better executed than others, but this film in particular rockets past all other Wallace & Gromits. Photographer Eyal Landesman and directors Yuval & Merav Nathan successfully evoked many feelings in their simplest forms with good pacing and rhythm; it’s entertaining to watch all the different movements and intricacies float past. Plus the uplifting song by Oren Lavie’s Opposite Side of the Sea album could very well become my next repeat-til-I-die track. In fac,t i’m going to go buy the album on iTunes right now. My heart could indulge in some sweet tunes.


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