Goodbye Unwanted Hair… and Bush

Way to capitalize on current events, Veet

Way to capitalize on current events, Veet

Did I just make two political posts in a row? Why yes I did. Now I am not one to discuss my thoughts on politics, but when it has to do with a good marketing campaign by golly I’ll let it be known. For example, while on the bus into the city I saw a huge 3×4 poster plastered onto an onramp pillar of a two tone Bush making an awkward wave, with the caption ADIOS DOUCHE BAG next to him, and I thought that was a nice way to greet someone on their way to work. I’ll try and get a shot of it with my antique camera phone later.

Similarly, I got this in my Coolhunter newsletter . A reader sent this to, an ad in the Australian newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. Veet, the hair removal brand, shares its appraise for the good riddance of the world reknown worst President, George Dubbya Bush. What a clever campaign; I can’t think of a more appropriate way to wave sayonara than to synonymize the annoyingness of that man with the annoyingness of unwanted pubic hair.


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