Mark Gonzales: For your skateboarding entertainment

The Gonz by Marcopoulos
photo by Ari Marcopoulos, NYC, 1995

I hit my head and nothing’s been the since same, I mean, nothing’s been the since… been the same since… since I hit my head.”

I’ve never seen such smooth moves… skate switches light on his feet, lying flat while shooting through a cardboard tunnel, sweeping with finesse past pillars and corners, all the while in an art gallery. Okay, so I have a little crush. Something about being a nice guy AND a badass… What makes it even sweeter is that it seems like all that Mark “The Gonz” Gonzales wants to do in life is to be silly and jump around. Which describes exactly what I love about my boyfriend, Jason, except take out the [skate] in skateboarding and insert [snow].

To see this amazing grace in action, above is a music video for a song called “West Coast” by Jason Schwartzman’s band Coconut Records’ , originally filmed in 1998. The music is good too – almost Beatles-ish; apparently it plays in the background of the Cloverfield movie.

For more visual Gonz set to 80’s beats, watch this for a comedic intro and this for classic dialog splattered throughout the whole vid.

For reading material, here’s a delightful Skateboarder article by Kevin Kraft, titled “16 things: The Gonz”. Read it; I can only hope that people will tell great stories and make me sound as much of an idealist clown as they do with him.


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