Boys and girls, meet David Thorne

web prankster

For those of you who didn’t get a combined Winter/New Years’ holiday and are back at work for a near-meaningless three days like me, here’s a cheery welcome back!
Although you’ve probably already heard about this guy and his attempt to resolve a bill by payment with a drawing of a spider, I am verrrry excited to introduce David Thorne to my PG-list. Thorne believes the internet his a playground that should be used accordingly. He attacks his subjects via email with a kind of nagging, twisted humor that seems to never end yet gets your chuckle on until you have to stop to drink a gallon of water because you’ve not closed your mouth for like, an hour. He’s crude, sarcastic, uncensored AND cute, all at the same time. I think he’s European. And I think he does this solely for his own entertainment (I gather this from his homepage disclaimer: Go away, this site contains none of your business and is for my amusement only). He could be making a lot of money if he isn’t already.

This wit is golden, folks. I find yourself wishing I could handle situations like Thorne does, just as long as I can guarantee 0% chance of face-to-face confrontation. Watch and learn. Warning: some offensive language and subject matter.

Q: What’s your favorite joke or prank? Read mine in the comment stream.

1 comment
  1. painfullygood said:

    I’ll start:
    A man is waiting at a bar to reunite with an old friend from college. He gets up to greet his friend and is shocked to see that his old friend now has a super tiny little head! After a few beers he finally gets the courage to ask him, “What happened to your head?”

    His friend begins his tale:

    I went to sea shortly after we graduated college and got caught in a huge storm. Shipwrecked, I was the sole survivor from my ship and I woke up stranded on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. Thinking that my life was over, I thought I was delirious when a mermaid appeared. She granted me three wishes. I wished to be saved, and I heard a rescue plane fly by. I wished for riches, and a chest of gold appeared. I was so excited, I didn’t know what else I could want, so for my last wish, I wished that i could have sex with the mermaid. She said, “oh, i’m sorry, mermaids can’t have sex.” So i compromised and said, “okay, how about a lil’ head?”

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