The Most Affordable 2020 Vision Plan

to help 1bn of the world's poorest see better
A Zulu man wearing adaptive glasses. Photograph: Michael Lewis

What if it were possible, he thought, to make a pair of glasses which, instead of requiring an optician, could be “tuned” by the wearer to correct his or her own vision? Might it be possible to bring affordable spectacles to millions who would never otherwise have them?”
[Article by Esther Addley /The Guardian, Monday 22 December 2008]

Wow. In the year of my birth, 1985, British Inventor Josh Silver asked himself if there was a way to design optical lenses so that a wearer could prescribe himself the appropriate vision by simply adjusting, like, knobs and buttons. Thirty-five years later, in year 2020, Silver plans to offer these self-prescribed glasses to a billion of the world’s poorest people without the inconceivable expense of a visit to the optometrist.

Will people please start thinking like this man! I mean, I understand it takes a ‘type of person’ to conjure up such far-fetched, lollygagging, hootn-nanny ideas, but the world would no doubt be a better functioning place if everyone could just see properly. Isn’t that all our ancestors wanted for us anyway? That, and hella children and a well-preserved family name…

Have you ever thought up an invention that could truly better the world? Leave a comment! Of courrrse you aren’t so dense as to post a brilliant idea on the web, but maybe hint at what problem you’d be solving…

(ten minutes later…)

Did anyone else get the pun that I only just now got while creating this post’s title? 20-20 vision. Year 2020. Now the whole thing is even MORE profound. Wow.

    • painfullygood said:

      Great blog – thanks for sharing!

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