Comparing two great design entreprenuers

Scott Hansen of ISO50 (and TYCHO Music) and John Earle from Johnny Cupcakes are just a few more people that I find inspiring.
Have you had your cupcake today?

The Visual Work of Scott Hansen

Things they have in common

    • they are both young design-oriented entreprenuers
    • neither of them hold a college degree
    • both are invited guest speakers to conferences and colleges
    • both have a strong fan base
    • they both love what they do, and i love what they do

Things they differ in

    • JohnnyCupcakes was established in Boston, Massachusetts; ISO50/TYCHO in Sacramento, California
    • ISO50 has an extensive online store; JC has an online store and 2 stores in Massachusetts and one in LA
    • JC is highly transparent about his business model and story; I can’t really figure out how ISO50 works

You can tell a person’s values by what they admire, and now you know something about me. I truly and utterly respect the people who make something out of nothing. I value the moment that sparked The Idea, the planning that naturally follows, and the path that s/he dedicates her/himself to.  Sometimes you have to muster up a great amount of patience and courage, but oftentimes it’s worth it. I know what it feels like to find that sweet spot: from here on out, nothing can go wrong.

Q: Do you have any idols of this current generation? BESIDES Barack Obama? leave a comment =)


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